Friday, November 4, 2011


Remember last week I told you that it was freezing here in
New Mexico?  
Well I wasn't

We had a HOT & DRY summer and our tomato plants didn't do very well at first but once it started cooling down they just took off..
I have been enjoying my cherry tomatoes and so has

I ALWAYS let my tomatoes ripen on the vine,
well until NOW!

I went out on Wednesday evening and picked a basket of RED tomatoes, then I came in and Diane had sent me a message to let me know that she had brought in ALL of her green tomatoes because it was going to freeze.  Well I thought about it for a minute and ran back out there to try and save as many of my babies as
I could...
I was out there for about 1 hour and the more I picked the more I found.  We started out with 8 plants but only the cherry tomato plants survived the 110 degree
summer days...
So when I say my 2 tomatoes plants were covered I mean they were COVERED!!
I picked a bushel of tomatoes and finally decided to give up...

Now the fun part,
What shall I do with these babies...

Everyone tells me that fried green tomatoes are AWESOME but these are too little, so I started surfing the web LOOKing for ways to use or preserve these little guys and I came across a couple of recipes...Yes!!
I am NOT going to do a Green Tomato Week but I do think that these recipe are worth sharing so I hope that you will come back to see what I have been doing...


  1. LOL...That's a lot of cherry tomatoes, Lilly! Your two plants sure were LOADED!! Ours finished a long time ago, and the plants are all cleaned up! Still have some tomatoes left though! I'll be waiting to see what you have to share! EnJOY your weekend! :o)

  2. Looking forward to the next entry! I think you SHOULD do a tomato week!