Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4...

I thought it would be fun to share a picture of
ONE of Diane's jalapeno plants,

and here is a picture of my grandaughter Savanna
picking the jalapenos ...

and "matos"...

she picked ALL of these and some that she ate while she was

I could not share my favorite jalapeno recipes without including some salsa.  At my house we love both the traditional tomato salsa as well as the tomatillo salsa. I like to make my salsa different ways depending on the mood and what I have available.  Today I have decided to roast Savanna's matos along with the jalapenos.

If you haven't tried Fire Roasted Tomatoes, you should...

I roast them by placing them in a veggie grill basket and then place them on the grill until they are chared and start bursting with flavor

I just made a few today but you might want to make more than this because they are YUMMY just like this.
Now just pull the skins off and pop them into the food processor along with your roasted jalapenos, some onion (thank you Mary for sharing the onion) and spices and...



  1. Oh so yummy looking!! Where are the tortilla chips? :o)

  2. LOL...I just realized that I was so distracted by the yummy food, I didn't even comment on your cute little grand-daughter! What a little sweetheart Savanna is...and such a good helper too! :o)