Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Karen's babies...

Look at these little cuties...
these are Karen's babies...

they are just ADORABLE!!

Diane found the PERFECT birthday gift for Karen...
it is a vintage egg crate
(it even has the cardboard inserts)
how COOL is that?

Well, I'm EXCITED because I received a gift as well...
1 dozen FRESH chicky eggs!!!
aren't they just BEAUTIFUL?
Look at those lovely colors...the green one has speckles :-)

and here is MY awesome breakfast!!

We made a pan of potatoes and a pot of coffee and
sat outside to enjoy the beautiful Autumn morning
and our WONDERFUL breakfast.

(see the morning sun peeking through the fence?)

Hope you are all enjoying your day...


  1. Okay, Lilly!! I have decided that there is just NO MORE coming to your blog when I am hungry! LOL I must only read your posts on a FULL stomach! haha
    Love all the wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them! I've decorated my kitchen with chickens, roosters and sunflowers! :o)

  2. Your girls are darling and lay such pretty eggs!